SE-intensive Seminar at EIT's National Engineering 2023  NOVEMBER 1-3, 2023

SE-intensive Seminar at EIT's National Engineering 2023

The National Engineering 2023, hosted by EIT at QSNCC between November 1-3, concluded with an SE-intensive seminar that brought together experts from industry, academia, and government to discuss the overview, need, and importance of SE and INCOSE Thailand.

Council of Engineers Approves 17 New Engineering Branches in Thailand

In a significant move to expand the scope of engineering expertise in Thailand, the Council of Engineers has approved the recognition of 17 new engineering branches. This decision reflects the growing demand for specialized engineering skills in various industries and aims to enhance the country's engineering capabilities to meet the challenges of global megatrends. Notably, in 2023, the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT), particularly its department of computer engineering, took the lead in promoting SE education and establishing new facilities to equip engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge