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Whether you are a student, an early-career professional, or a senior member of the systems engineering community, INCOSE Thailand provides a membership level appropriate for your participation. INCOSE Thailand is open to individuals, corporations, other business entities, governmental agencies, not for profit organizations, and academic institutions

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Membership Rates (Represented in the United States Dollar (USD)):  Regular Individual Members - $175.00, Senior Members - $100.00, Student Members - $50.00, and PPP2 (Valid for Thais )  and PPP3 Country Members - $85.00-$130.00 

The Instructions for New INCOSE Members Who Chose INCOSE Thailand Chapter

When you join INCOSE, you can select INCOSE Thailand as your chapter. You'll find us listed as an Emerging Chapter during the chapter selection process. INCOSE Thailand is a recently established and officially recognized Emerging Chapter. This exciting designation allows us to develop and grow into a Chartered Chapter, ultimately becoming the official Systems Engineering Association in Thailand.

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