Nomination for Interim Officers of Systems Engineering Association of Thailand and INCOSE Chapter 

Under the Incubation Period

Q1 2024 - Q2 2025

April 2024

Exclusive Summary

Welcome to our initiative for the future election cycle! As we gear up for the upcoming nomination process and the establishment of our Chartered Chapter within the Systems Engineering Association, we recognize the importance of thorough preparation and teamwork. This exclusive summary provides an overview and history of INCOSE Thailand, outlining our agenda toward the successful creation of the INCOSE Thailand chapter within the Systems Engineering Association of Thailand.  Let's dive into the journey of INCOSE Thailand and our plans for the future.

Back in 2022, we had a fantastic opportunity. With the backing of the national engineering profession and educational society, we teamed up with the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT), Computer Engineering Discipline, to reactivate the Emerging INCOSE Thailand Chapter. It started as a formal partnership. EIT's focus on Digital Engineering perfectly aligned with our goals, and the collaboration opened doors to Thailand's largest engineering community. Now, we're on a mission to bring INCOSE's value to over 40,000 engineers across Thailand.

Looking back to 2017-2022, it wasn't all smooth sailing. We faced the challenge of scattered SE enthusiasts, which made it tough to build engaging programs and find common ground for growth. With just a small team, progress was slow. But in 2022, things turned around. INCOSE Thailand got a reboot and was officially recognized as an emerging chapter, joining the ranks of other chapters in Asia Oceania Sector III.

Since then, we've been busy organizing meet-ups and webinars, teaming up with other INCOSE chapters to share knowledge and ideas. And now, we're gearing up for something big - the Thailand Systems Engineering Conference (TSEC2024) in August 2024. With support from INCOSE's president, past and present Sector III INCOSE Directors, and a bunch of experts from different Thai organizations, we're excited to make TSEC2024 a huge success. Stay tuned for more updates!

The primary focus and call to action of this announcement is to stress the importance of establishing structured teamwork at the right time. While many emerging chapters may consider committees optional during the initial stages, INCOSE Thailand places a high priority on implementing an incubation period preceding the official nomination in 2025. During this phase, core team members will collaborate on specific roles, enhancing their teamwork skills in chapter organization, and ensuring preparedness for annual conferences, as well as the process of establishing a chartered chapter.

This announcement is directed to all active INCOSE members and prospective new INCOSE members involved in Thailand. It outlines the roadmap developed by the Foundational Committee for Reactivating the Second Emerging INCOSE Thailand Chapter in 2022, along with the identification of tasks that need to be addressed. Informational meetings will be provided accordingly.

Vorachet Jaroensawas

Volunteer Lead for Chapter Development and Representative of INCOSE Thailand (2017 - Present)

Section I - INCOSE members involved in INCOSE Thailand

Vithaya Suharitdamrong


Vorachet Jaroensawas


Pongsatorn P. Sukhum


Habibi Husain Arifin


Arnon Phuekfhon


Anusart Wannatho


Chaiwat Klampol


Thanaphon Chearanai


Section II - Reactivating the Emerging INCOSE Thailand Chapter

Foundational Committees for Reactivating the Emerging INCOSE Thailand Chapter Development in 2022

Adjunct. Prof. Dr. Chieanchuang Kalayanamitr

Chair of Computer Engineering, Engineering Institute of Thailand

Dr. Vithaya Suharitdamrong

Vice-Chair of Computer Engineering, Engineering Institute of Thailand

Vorachet Jaroensawas

Acting Representative of INCOSE Thailand 2017-Present

Asst. Prof. Thanaphon Chearanai

King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok

The launch of INCOSE Thailand in August 2022!  A dedicated team comprised of representatives from Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT), King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB), and NORASITeam has joined forces to propel this initiative forward. This marks a new chapter for INCOSE Thailand, building upon the strong foundation laid previously.  

Roadmap of INCOSE Thailand (2023 - 2025)

Roadmap of INCOSE Thailand (2023 - 2025)

Figure 1. Mission Characterization of INCOSE Thailand Chapter Development

Unveiling Essence, Guiding Future.

Our mission is to deeply understand different perspectives—strategic, operational, and tactical — to get a complete picture. We aim to use valuable networks and resources to form a well-rounded view. Join us as we explore each level to build a strong plan for achieving our goals

Connecting Pathways, Amplifying Potential.

INCOSE Thailand is giving new chapters a grace period until 2025 to train and prep before becoming official committees. This lets the core team learn together and get ready for conferences and becoming a full chapter.

Figure 2. Operational Connectivity of INCOSE Thailand Development 

Section III - Building a Comprehensive Roster: Identifying the Complete Set of Positions/Function Areas to Fill (Incubation period 2024 - 2025 )


Incubation Period  

 For many emerging chapters, committees remain optional; however, INCOSE Thailand prioritizes an incubation period preceding the official nomination in 2025. During this phase, core team members will work together on certain roles honing their collaborative skills in chapter organization, and ensuring readiness for annual conferences, along with the procedure for establishing a chartered chapter.  (See Figure 1 and 2)

The Emerging Interim Chapter Officers 

The Emerging Interim Chapter Officers comprise active INCOSE members involved in INCOSE Thailand. They will be nominated by invited members of INCOSE Thailand through a nomination process, motivated by the need to avoid common problems identified between 2017 and 2020 (refer to the summary in the Exclusive Summary section). These officers will collaborate under the objectives of the incubation period. They will serve as appointed committees tasked with leading the development of INCOSE Thailand towards preparedness for the application of INCOSE Chartered Chapter status, the election of the board of directors of INCOSE Thailand, and the registration of the Systems Engineering Association of Thailand in 2025.

The Chartered Chapter Officers 

The Chartered Chapter Officers constitute a group of INCOSE Chapter Officers mandated by the operational guidelines of an INCOSE chapter. These officers fulfill essential positions necessary for the establishment and sustainability of an INCOSE Chapter. They will be nominated and elected according to a process aligned with the operational requirements and constraints set forth by INCOSE

Positions at Systems Engineering Association of Thailand and INCOSE Chapter

Please note that the following conceptual positions can be organized into a more concise list that is suitable for the current active members of INCOSE in Thailand and the scope of work.

* Desired by Systems Engineering Association of Thailand

** Required by INCOSE Chartered Chapter

*** Recommended by INCOSE Chapter

Nomination Form

Tasks & Calendar

Nomination Form for Interim Officers of Emerging Chapter (Incubation Period) T